Excellent Designs specializes in providing all types of graphic services to meet your every need from small icons to full page illustrations. We meet all the requirements necessary to design complete web sites to give you the look you want. We can design new concepts to meet your needs or we can provide the designs for your existing concepts what ever they may be.

We're happy to work with you to enable you to obtain the best possible solution to meet your requirements and your budget.

We offer Graphic Design Services to meet all your advertising needs. Weather you want to advertise on the web or in some form of paper system we can provide the images you need to convey your message.

We design custom banners, one of the many forms of advertising methods, compliant to all World Wide Web standards. Your able to choose between standard or animated versions and we can help you decide which is best for your needs.

Excellent Designs has experience in designing CD Layouts for your professional CD requirements. We design all graphics and text for the packaging of your CD. These CD designs are ready to meet the needs of professional printing services.

Excellent Designs offers custom services in Graphic animation in the from of animated gifs or Flash presentations to bring your web site to life.

Your Business graphic needs can be met with our services. We'll work with you on your business cards, letterhead, custom forms, brochures, flyers or most any other requirements you may have.

We'll design your logo for your business. Our creative skills will give you the most unique designs to choose from. Your logo will be custom designed to meet your requirements and will be unique in nature to give you your own, special identity.